foreclosure listings

foreclosure listings – One thing that many would-be real estate investors ask is why they need to pay for foreclosure listings when they can get them for free within the newspaper. If you think about it, of course, you are not really getting your local foreclosure notices free of charge since in most areas you must pay a subscription for your newspaper. Perhaps it seems like they are free as you were already registering to the paper prior to deciding to started thinking about buying real estate, but the truth is it costs you something.

Everyone seems to want to get something for nothing, which makes absolutely no sense in the case of real estate investing. You have enough money to get a house as an investment however you can’t fork out a weekly or monthly subscription fee with an online foreclosure listing service? Don’t think of it as an expense. It’s an investment in your real estate business that will lead to higher profits by providing access to better listings than you will discover in your local newspaper.

foreclosure listings
Maybe you are wondering why online foreclosure listings are better. These listings usually contain more information than what you will get in the paper. They help you save time by giving you the complete address and often include a picture to help you at least have an idea of the the house looks like. This type of information is not normally included in the legal notices that are published in newspapers.

The actual wording of the legal notices varies from one part of the country to a new, but in many areas you will read a description such as “the northwest corner of the northeast corner of the township of Smithton.” Where on the planet is that? The property address might or might not be included in the publication. Whether or not the owner’s address is required to be published, it might not be the same as the house address.

foreclosure listings
The biggest trouble with newspaper foreclosure listings, however, is the fact each newspaper publishes just a handful of foreclosure notices. In order to get all of them, you should subscribe to every local newspaper in the country. Even if you are only interested in those foreclosures that are in your local area, it is likely that you would need to subscribe to several newspapers to make certain that you have the entire area covered. It is cheaper and easier to fund a subscription to an online foreclosure listing service.



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